Killthewebcache Privacy Policy 2017.


Do we collect infomation?

We collect information from when you download and install software from our site. All emails and personal details are kept private and not disclosed to anyone. All persoanl details are kept for us only.

What can we use the information for?

All of the information collected may be used only in the following ways.

To send perodic emails as email marketing. You may choose to unscribe at any time.

To inform you of software upgrades to improve user experience.

To process transactions.

To improve all customer service.

To inform you of any changes to products and future products.

Do we protect your information.

Yes, we never give or sell any information to anyone.

Online privacy policy.

This applies to our website only.

By downloading our software and using, you consent to our terms and conditions.


Privacy Policy 2017.