This application will delete search history, and delete browsing history, recorded by Internet Explorer.

If you surf the internet, then you have probably asked yourself how to delete search history? The answer is simple, by clearing the webcache. However, with newer Microsoft webrowsers, including all versions of Internet explorer, stores the browsing data into a protected file called the WebCacheV01 dat file, making it harder to delete browser history. This file has been made difficult to delete by Microsoft, because it contains tracking and surfing data. This file is also encrypted. This recorded data is made difficult to delete, and is locked by internet explorer, as well as several services of the operating system, hence, it is not an easy file to clear. To clear browsing history, its this file that needs to be deleted in the new versions of internet explorer.

However, this simple application can delete these files easily, thus can delete browsing history of Internet Explorer. It also clears all cookies, and associated files. You may have tried to delete all search history using the delete function of internet explorer itself. Even if you tell Internet Explorer to delete your internet search history in settings, the file still remains on the hard drive and fully intact.

How to erase search history and why you should!

Ever had Microsoft Windows freeze on you? The Webcache, can at times also be responsible for corrupting and crashing the Windows operating system. All versions of Microsoft windows are prone to this problem, including the newer windows 10. Messages such as 'insufficient disk space', and 'no hard drive space' can be the result of the corrupted webcache. When the computers hard drive is checked, you find there is plenty of space, but the computer still reports no space left. Well, yes, that sometimes is the WebCache file again causing this problem. Deleting browser history which free's the hard drive space, and clears corruption will normally be the fix for this.

Is your Computer spying on you, does it concern you?

Your computer monitors and records your Internet browsing history. It's something you cannot stop. This is obviously a major concern. Ever wondered what is recorded and why? Only Microsoft knows the answer to that one. If you're not happy having your internet surfing history tracked, then maybe it's time to stop it, and clear out the webcache. Use this simple application, and delete your browsing history once and for all.

How do i delete my browsing history?

Even after the webcache file is cleaned, it will still be re-generated by Internet Explorer. This application has been designed to automatically delete all contents of the webcache, and specifically the webccaheV01 file, at regular intervals. You can be assured that the WebCache file is killed, even while Internet Explorer is being used, and nothing is recorded. Deleting search history from the webcache storage area makes sure that nothing remains.

Auto start, when windows starts.

Furthermore, this app starts automatically when windows starts. It will then minimise to the system tray and will run in the background. It's a user friendly and simple app which does precisely what it says. It's compatible with all versions of Windows. This app witll continuously clear your online surfing history in real time, with no trace is left. With the timed clear function, it wipes the data almost immediatley after downloading in the webbrowser.

User friendly and minimal use.

This application has been designed for simplicity. You can either choose which parts of the webcache to delete, or if you prefer, hit the delete all button, and all parts of the webcache will be cleaned. You can even see which files it discovers in the search list. It can even be triggered by an external queue when to clean the webcache. It has the ability to search not just C drive, but if you have mulitiple operating systems installed, it will search and clean all of the drives for you. If you want to erase google history, its easy.

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Question, why delete search history?

Internet Explorer will continue to save your browsing data, even after deletion. This records all your online surfing history.

The internet webcache is hidden and protected, making it difficult to clear.

A file that records your online activities is a major security risk and you need to delete browser history at regular intervals.

Furthermore, the application can be added to the Windows startup list, and it is minimized to the system tray automatically.

This application can also be triggered externally by the detection of a user produced file.

Continuously clear your online surfing history in real time, no trace is left.

Released in May 2016 it is compatible with the very latest Windows 10 OS, as well as Windows 8 and Windows 7.

This product is not free, so you can be assured that it is not packed full of Malware or viruses. Thats guaranteed...

If you need to make sure that you're online surfing is wiped clean, then this application is for you.

Explanation of the Web Browsers Cache.

The browser cache associated with your webbrowser makes a copy of all data from every page that is visited. The reason behind this, is to reload old data, thus speeding up load speeds. The downside to this, is that as you surf the internet, you keep collecting this data, which in turn takes up more and more space on you hard drive. It can grow to such a size, that it can freeze, slow down, and crash your computer.

Delete browsing history, and delete old passwords, cookies, old surfing pages. Clearing these occasionally also stops would be hackers from seeing stored passwords.

Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer use the 2 types of cache, and this application will clear both and erase search history.

If you see that your computer is behaving erratically, clear out the cache and see if it returns back to normal behaviour.

Some of the technical stuff thats involved in clearing the webcache below.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings
Security Zones

HKET_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings
Policy key

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings
Preference key

HKET_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings
Preference key

There's a lot involved in clearing the temporary internet files. Some the registration keys above relate to just some the work thats invloved in doing this. This application automates the starting and stopping of the operating system services, as well as co-ordinates the timing of clearing out the old files, cookies, passwords etc. It also makes it a simple 1 button action which takes care of everything for you, so you can delete recent history easily. It has deliberately been made difficult to clear. If administrator has set admin rights on the webcache, then you may also have problems deleting it.

What is the cache for, Just some of the reasons below?

Quicker loading of webpages, Stored passwords, Stored cookies ,Offline browsing.

What this in turn means, is that its faster to load off the hard drive than the web,even with the modern fast broadband speeds we have today.

Partly stored web pages in the cache. Even if only part of a webpage is available from the webcache, its quicker to load those parts from the hard drive and then load the remainder from the online website. But the webcache does have a size limit. When it's reached, browser performance will slow dramatically, hard drive performance also suffers. Sure you can increase the cache size, but there will always be a limit.

Clear my search history by deleting cookies?

What are cookies,

Webrowser cookies are encrypted text files which store infomation about the websites visited. These are very common and build up quickly in the webcache.

What are the URL's,

These are the links that point to the webpages themselves. The webcache normally has 1000's of these stored along with images, mp3 jpgs etc.

Compatible with the following versions below,

Internet explorer 8,9,10,11, Edge.

Windows 7, 8, and windows 10 etc.

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